Protecting Puget Sound’s Special Places

Aquatic Reserves, established by the Washington State Department of Natural Resources (DNR) on state-owned aquatic lands in Puget Sound, include important biodiversity and aquatic habitat critical to the health of the Puget Sound.

Conserving these important areas is one strategy DNR is taking to protect and restore Puget Sound. To support DNR’s management of these aquatic lands, Washington Environmental Council and local partners have formed citizen stewardship committees for five of the seven Aquatic Reserves: Maury Island, Nisqually Reach, Cherry Point, Fidalgo Bay and Smith and Minor Islands. Citizens serving on these committees engage to help implement the management actions for their local Aquatic Reserve in conjunction with DNR’s objectives.

The Aquatic Reserves

Visit any of the following Aquatic Reserve web pages to learn more about these marine conservation areas and how each citizen stewardship committee is engaged in their protection, and how YOU can get involved.

What are Committees and How Can They Help?

The citizen stewardship committees help DNR’s Aquatic Reserve Program carry out specific actions defined in the management plan for their local aquatic reserve. Each committee conducts scientific monitoring projects, performs education and outreach activities, and keeps an eye out for things happening in and around the reserve that may harm the ecosystem.


Our Partners